Erica Shumener and I co-organized a three-day conference on the metaphysics of quantity, which was held at NYU on the weekend of May 1st-3rd, 2015. It consisted of a mix of invited talks and anonymously reviewed papers, with a keynote address by Brent Mundy (Syracuse) (!).

You can find further information, including the complete program, at the conference website, here:

Reading Groups

Reading groups are awesome. In the event that I become involved in some reading group (either by organizing it or merely attending), I'll try to link it here and keep track of what we looked at.
Topics in Metaphysics ("TiM") Group - Co-organized with Simona Aimar (Columbia/Barnard) and Zack Al-Witri (Columbia) - Spring 2015 at NYU/Columbia/Barnard.

Metaphysics Bootcamp - Fall 2010 to Spring 2012 NYU

Aesthetics Reading Group - Fall 2010 to Fall 2011 at NYU

Philosophy of Physics Reading Group - Fall 2010 to Spring 2011 at NYU

Causation Reading Group - Summer 2010 at NYU