You can find an (incomplete) list of previous bootcamp speakers & talks here.

Like the wavering cry of a thousand exhausted metaphysicians in the glimmer of the early morning, the Metaphysics Bootcamp rises above the piles of unfinished papers and smashes your insecurities, obliterates your fear, and proudly parades your scrawny works-in-progress before the critical eyes of your friends and peers.

Metaphysics Bootcamp is not a reading group. Metaphysics Bootcamp is not a discussion group. Metaphysics Bootcamp is not a weekly chance to ingest free food and idle chitchat. Metaphysics Bootcamp IS the most exciting evening of your week, and the most important thing on your calendar (your mother’s birthday be damned!). Metaphysics Bootcamp does not forgive and it cannot forget. Any questions, Maggot?

If you were to look up ‘hardcore’ in a dictionary, you would find a picture of Erica Shumener pointing at another dictionary open to this picture:

David Kellogg Patton


Prepare yourself.