Like a moth into a butterfly, NYU’s biweekly “metaphysics nights” have transformed into the monstrous “Metaphysics Bootcamp”. If you’re into metaphysics, we’d dig it if you enlisted. Here’s the deal: one night a week, a member of the bootcamp will present a metaphysics-related work in progress. The rest of us will hang out and provide him/her with feedback. A different person presents each week. There will be beer and food and good times (Fun Fact: Soul-crushing objections count as “good times” for the purposes of evaluating the truth of this sentence).



0. Who are you?

We are Erica Shumener, Zee Perry and Harjit Bhogal, Grad Students at NYU and all-around good people.

1. Why is it called a “bootcamp” ?

Because it happens every single week, dudes. Hardcore.

2. Where will this take place?

At NYU, probably in the 6th floor lounge.

3. If I participate, do I have to present something polished?

No way. We’re not monsters. We’re just calling this a “bootcamp” to sound hardcore (see 1). The environment will be totally relaxed.

4. If I participate, do I have to present something at all or can I just hang out and flex my awesomeness?

All are welcome! You don’t have to enlist, but we’d love it if you did.

5. What kinds of food will there be?

Various kinds! We’ll try to switch it up. Keep in mind that both Zee and Erica have state-of-the-art George Foreman grills (Fun Fact: George Foreman made enough money to start his grill business by punching people in the face!), and you should expect the grills to make an appearance at some point in the semester. Zee also has strong pretzel connections in the Pennsylvania region, and she can get us the sweet hook up.

6. But what night of the week is the bootcamp? TUESDAY nights? THURSDAY nights?

We haven’t settled that yet. If you want to participate, it would be great if you could shoot Zee [[ zee(dot)perry(at)nyu(dot)edu ]] or Erica [[ shumener(at)nyu(dot)edu ]] an email ASAP letting us know what nights you *can* make it (and you can tell us your preferred night). Once that’s done, we’ll set the bootcamp to the night that the most people can make.