Below is an attempt at a bibliography for the Metaphysics of Quantity. This list is being updated semi-regularly is being updated very rarely. Most of my bibliographical energy of late has been devoted to editing the Quantities category at (located here). That being said, I will continue to keep this list up to date, though more as a curated selection of useful resources than as a fully exhaustive list (since that role is currently being filled by the quantities category). Suggestions of relevant citations to add are, of course, always welcome.

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Having to do with Quantity specifically:

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–> Sider, Ted (…?). Comments on Science and Necessity


Peripherally related to/involving Quantity:

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On a seemingly non-Quantity topic that is, itself, peripherally related to Quantity (or is a Quantity topic in disguise):

Dasgupta, Shamik (2009). Individuals: An Essay in Revisionary Metaphysics. Philosophical Studies 145 (1).

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Uncategorized (Either more peripheral than even the peripherally relevant papers, or I haven’t read/categorized them yet):

Armstrong, D.M. (1997) A World of States of Affairs. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [Ch. 5 in particular]

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