I have taught three undergraduate courses during my time at Rutgers. Before that, as a graduate student at NYU, I taught two courses and served as preceptor (teaching assistant) on five. In 2015 I was honored to receive the NYU College of Arts and Science's Outstanding Teaching Award, a student-nominated award for "outstanding contribution to learning in the classroom". A concise statement of my teaching philosophy, goals, and methods can be found here.

as Instructor

Philosophy of Physics: The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Rutgers, Fall 2017

Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time
Rutgers, Spring 2017

Introduction to Symbolic Logic
Rutgers, Fall 2016

NYU, Summer 2013.

NYU, Summer 2012.

as Preceptor

Philosophy of Physics
Spring 2015 (with Tim Maudlin)

Ancient Philosophy
Spring 2013 (with Johnny Cottrell)

Central Problems In Philosophy
Fall 2012 (with Helen Yetter Chappel)

Central Problems In Philosophy
Spring 2012 (with Katie Elliot)

Philosophy of Biology
Fall 2011 (with Laura Franklin-Hall)

I am not teaching a course during Fall 2015 or Spring 2015.